Choosing the right infrastructure for our online store

Choosing the right infrastructure for our online store

This entry will be much shorter than usual because there is little to say, bur all ot this is is a fundamental step when starting up our e-commerce. We are talking about infrastructure.

Every business already has a website, most of which can be considered to be presential ones, since it does not have advanced functionalities or much content beyond the expression of who we are and what we do.
Normally these pages are hosted in cheap infrastructures, which is not terrible as long as they fulfill their purpose and expectations.

Trying to take advantage of our economic hosting, which is usually a shared hosting plan in which dozens or hundreds of users share resources, IP address and bandwidth for our online store is a mistake that will surely lead us to have to rectify in a short period of time.

We must always implement our project in an adequate infrastructure. There are very economical options of virtual private server or VPS that are available to all budgets and that can guarantee us resources as important as: guaranteed processing capacity, guaranteed bandwidth, unique IP address geolocated in our country, in addition to close customization capabilities of the installed services and their versions.

We must take in mind that speed is very important, Google takes it into account when evaluating the relevance of a website; a non-shared and geolocalized IP address will help us to gain positions in our positioning, and that being able to adjust the configuration of our services to the needs of our store will allow us to improve both speed and security.

So let's always start with a good service such as the one that could give us AWS, Azure, OVH, etc. And let's adapt our configuration to the recommended optimal settings: never use PHP versions of the 5.x branch since our platform will surely support the latest stable version of the much faster 7.x. We should always configure HTTP/2, always use SSL certificates for the entire website, making sure that there is never mixed content without encryption, consider the possibility of a specific configuration of the web server for static content and the use of a CDN that allows a more concurrent download of our content and, this is very important, plan a reliable and efficient email infrastructure, since our business will generate endless confirmation and information emails to our customers that cannot remain in limbo or end up in a spam folder due to a bad configuration.

Remember that this is essential from the beginning. Just one example: I have encountered several cases of mediocre servers with high response times that caused errors in payments related to response time in Payments Gateways, and there is nothing worse for a startup, in which every sale counts and every customer must have a perfect experience, than not having a reliable Payment Gateway.