Antonio Barranco
Antonio BarrancoExpert Developer

I live in Spain and developed my work mainly in the cities of Cordoba and Malaga, but my clients and employers were always from anywhere, I think I work well remotely in well-organized work groups.

Below a little timeline about important events related to my career:


GFT Spain

I am delighted to be part of GFT Spain, where I work as an expert developer in the frontend area.



Work as Freelance

I currently work as a Freelance, offering my services and knowledge to another Professionals, Universities, Research Institutes, Companies and Development Teams.


Creation of my own Company [Skual]

I worked as freelance, learning all that i actually know about Web and Internet Development. Think about HTML, CSS, early PHP with Zend Framework, defunct technologies like Flash, Java Applets...

I became a good System Administrator, maintaining a set of bare metal servers with Linux base and services like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache Tomcat, and related applications.

This stage has been very long and I get a complete set of skills about company management, work in groups, project management, development patterns and I got a useful stack that includes modern PHP with frameworks like CodeIgniter or Yii, modern JS with React and related technologies (npm, Jest, Redux, MongoDB, ...), semantic HTML5, advanced CSS3, Accesibility, UX Design...

I had several employees, all of whom were very good, and together we developed and designed web applications, web-based management applications, mobile applications using Ionic and Xamarin, academic management applications for universities and congress management applications for a very important Spanish travel agency.



Time for Complementary Learning

I thought that computer skills were not enough for entrepreneurship, so I took two courses that were important to me. One about Design and Visual Arts, and a kind of Master in Creation and Management of Technological Companies.


I began Technical Engineering in Computer Systems in University of Malaga

These was a really great years. I learnet a lot. I liked bare metal things like MIPS architectures and x86 Assembly, but on great level I discovered a great set of languages like Java, Modula-2, C, C#, Ada, Lisp, Perl... I got proficiency on database design and I discovered new kind of computer architectures like Sun UltraSparc Workstations and Power Macs.



Linux came to my life

I was devoted to new operative systems. I tried with OS/2 Warp, BeOS, GEM, but some day came to my hands an Slackware CD that was terribly hard to install!. Later I become fan of Debian and also I love the large and well organized FreeBSD Community.


My first PC and my firsts steps on Windows development

I got a 486 PC with MS DOS 6.2 and Windows 3.11. I began to experiment with Visual Basic and Delphi as popular RADs of this time.



I got my first computer!

A Philips MSX NMS 8220. This let me to introduce to programming via a Microsoft Basic version that supports sprites, who was a really awesome feature that even PC version didn't have.

The worst: the green phosphor monitor.


I was born...

1978 was a great year, the year of smallpox eradication, Space Invaders Arcade and a lot of  new coming home micro computers!