About me

I have worked in multiple areas within the digital world since 2005. Specifically in software and web application development, e-commerce and digital marketing for B2B and B2C companies. I have practical experience in the creation and management of many companies locally, nationally and internationally. Having a background in graphic design, system administration and web development means that my services include not only technical and analytical solutions, but also satisfying aesthetic results.

I am passionate about organization, structure and processes as a vehicle for the effective implementation of solutions to increase and develop the growth and development of projects, using the many existing tools for organization, collaboration and project management.

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Myskillsinterestsknow-howmy points to always keep in mind


Defining the best strategy can be the difference between a quick return on investment or a waste of effort and budget. The right choice of digital and traditional marketing strategies and tools is key.

Conversion optimization

Increase traffic or conversions? There comes a time when increasing traffic is always more costly than optimizing to increase our conversions or sales per visitor. Both techniques must go hand in hand and undergo constant analysis.

Social networks

Most inbound links to e-commerce sites come from social networks. Our own customers can be the best prescribers or detractors. It is essential to know and be able to take advantage of the benefits that social networks can play in our favor.

Content writing

Content is the only thing that allows us to differentiate ourselves in a global market where others sell the same thing at a similar price. It defines the brand identity and reinforces the confidence of our potential customers towards our business.


I will take care to favor natural positioning through a careful structural design and base the content following a proper keyword strategy.  I am totally transparent in my work and I can offer measurable results through industry standard tools.

Business strategy

The tools available in the physical channel are very different from those available in the online channel. Depending on the product, a multitude of sales techniques related to loyalty, taking advantage of seasonal periods, marketing of complementary items, etc., can be used.